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Facial Rejuvenation at High Altitude

The Beauty Rehab is here to help you restore and rejuvenate your skin to keep you looking radiant!

Living at high altitude here in Summit County can have several effects on the face and skin over time, both positive and negative. These effects are primarily due to factors like decreased oxygen levels, increased UV radiation, lower humidity, and harsh environmental conditions. The Beauty Rehab is here to help you restore and rejuvenate your skin to keep you looking radiant! 

For starters, all of our services are wonderful for ALL skin types, all-year-round! 

One in particular we absolutely love is our Italian BioRePeel: a non-peeling solution designed to provide skin rejuvenation and address various dermatological concerns without the typical peeling effects associated with traditional chemical peels. It’s a popular treatment choice at The Beauty Rehab – Summit County’s Best Med Spa! 

Additionally, here are our pro tips on facial rejuvenation at high altitude:

Choose a reputable med spa like Beauty Rehab!

Research and select a high-quality med spa with a proven track record of providing safe and effective facial rejuvenation procedures. Pssst…we’re licensed and experienced professionals here at The Beauty Rehab Med Spa in Summit County!

Book your consultation

Schedule a consultation to assess your skin type and condition. We will work hand in hand with you to design a customized approach with suitable treatments tailored to your needs. We also offer an online treatment builder here!

SPF Protection & Sun Damage Maintenance

High altitudes often mean stronger UV radiation. Ensure that you use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a high SPF rating daily, and reapply it throughout the day to protect your skin from sun damage. Shop our ZO Products here or at The Beauty Rehab in Dillon, Colorado!

Pre-Treatment Preparation

If you’re planning on a specific facial rejuvenation treatment like microdermabrasion or chemical peels, follow the pre-procedure instructions provided by The Beauty Rehab! This may include avoiding certain skincare products or medications. Living at high altitude in Summit County poses skincare challenges. We’re here to help you prep!

Post-Treatment Care

After undergoing facial rejuvenation treatments, follow the post-procedure care instructions diligently. This may involve avoiding direct sun exposure, using specific skincare products, and attending follow-up appointments with The Beauty Rehab in Dillon, CO!

Communicate Your Goals

We want to create a personalized plan for YOU and your skin! Share any and all information with us so that we can be the best partner to help you achieve your skincare goals. 

Combine Treatments

Ask us about packages that combine facial rejuvenation treatments with other services for maximum results!

And finally….

Remember that the specific recommendations may vary depending on your individual skin type, goals, and the altitude of the location where you’re receiving treatment. If you have questions about getting started email us here or use our Treatment Builder Here!

Packages & Specials

  • ZO 3-Step Facial Peel | $600/ 3-pack
  • Microneedle Luxe | 5or $700/ 3-pack
  • Bio Repeal $800/ 4-pack
  • ZO Skincare | Bring in your old skincare for 10% off
  • Buy any two Hydrafacials and get one free lip or eye perk treatment

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